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Scenario Planning: (Developing a regional approach to meet greenhouse gas emission targets)

Scenario planning is a method for exploring our communities long-term future - in other words, "where are we headed?", and "is that where we want to go?" Operating within the Oregon Sustainable Transportation Initiative (OTSI), the metropolitan area is using established guidelines to work together to consider regional needs and issues, such as economic development, fiscal impacts, resource use, greenhouse gas emissions from light vehicle travel, and the effects of different choices on the individual communities and the area as a whole. The purpose of doing this work is to provide better information for decision-making that combines real community values with choices and options for on the ground solutions.

Greenhouse Gas Toolkit

Greenhouse Gas Presentation (PPT)
GreenStep Model Memorandum (CH2MHill)
Equity in Scenario Planning Memorandum (CH2MHill)
Land Use and Transportation Memorandum (CH2MHill)
Scenario Planning Methodology Memorandum (CH2MHill)
Public Involvement Tools Memorandum

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