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Triple Bottom Line Analysis: (Tools to guide decision making for investments and plans)

This project develops general methods and specific tools any jurisdiction can elect to use for making more cost-effective and more transparent decisions that better advance community goals for economic development, social equity and the environment (the "three E's") a.k.a., profit, people and the planet (the "three P's"). Although the term "Triple Bottom Line" is new, such approaches reflect what jurisdictions have always been called upon to do: advance and balance multiple objectives with limited resources.

Pragmatic Decision-Making with the Triple Bottom Line, Rob Zako,
Terri Moore, December, 2013.

PowerPoint Presentation :Triple Bottom Line, A better way to make, and
communicate decisions, Rob Zako, Ph.D., Sustainable Cities Initiative
Video Presentation

Sustainable Transportation Planning Summary Report, Kurt Yeiter, City of Eugene

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Project Contact
Rob Zako
Research Associate
Sustainable Cities Initiative
University of Oregon