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Other Relevant Plans

Planning at the regional level involves complex issues that require the coordination of multiple jurisdictions across topic areas. There are numerous plans and policies that guide these various planning areas. These issues include land use, parks and recreation, natural resources, agriculture, communications, solid waste management, energy and water. In the Eugene- Springfield Metro area, the Springfield Utility Board (SUB) and the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) are the two main utility providers. These companies use plans to guide their work. Storm water infrastructure falls under the jurisdiction of individual municipalities.

Parks, recreation and open space play a valuable role in the region's identity and quality of life. While the City of Eugene and the City of Springfield (Willamalane Park and Recreation District) have separate parks and recreation planning departments, the Rivers to Ridges Parks and Open Space Vision provides a plan for regional open space planning.

Historically, agriculture and natural resources have played a significant role in the region's economy. To ensure that these resources remain for future generations; various state, county and city plans have been created. These plans specifically address wetlands, climate change, natural hazard mitigation, and rural comprehensive plans.

Other Relevant Plans, Goals and Legislation in the Region Full Document
Community Climate and Energy Action Plan for Eugene PDF
Eugene Parks, Recreation and Open Space Comprehensive Plan (PROS) Link
Eugene-Springfield Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Link
Eugene Storm water Basin Master Plan Links
Eugene Comprehensive Storm water Management Plan PDF
West Eugene Wetlands Plan PDF
EWEB Drinking Water Source Protection Plan PDF
EWEB Energy Conservation Resource Strategy PDF
EWEB 2011 Integrated Electric Resource Plan (IERP) PDF
Lane County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan PDF
Lane County Parks Master Plan PDF
Willamalane Park and Recreation Comprehensive Plan PDF
Lane County Rural Comprehensive Plan PDF
Lane County Strategic Plan 2012-2017 PDF
Central Lane MPO Public Participation Plan PDF
Central Lane MPO Unified Planning Work Program PDF
Willamette River Open Space Vision and Action Plan PDF
Oregon's Integrated Water Resources Strategy Link
Ridgeline Area Open Space Vision and Action Plan PDF
Rivers to Ridges Metropolitan Regional Parks and Open Space Vision PDF
MWMC Facilities Plan for the Eugene-Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facilities PDF
Springfield Storm water Facilities Master Plan PDF
Springfield Storm water Management Plan Link
HB 2001 PDF
HB 3337 (ORS 197.304) PDF
Regional Transportation Options Plan (RTOP) Link
SB 1059 PDF
Oregon Statewide Planning Goals(OAR 660-015-0000) Link
Metro Plan PDF
Metro Plan Appendices PDF