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Regional Plans Overview - Baseline Assessment

The primary purpose of the Baseline Assessment is to improve access and understanding of these plans by agency staff, policy makers, and the general public. The Assessment also analyzes gaps and linkages among planning documents and processes with the intent of revealing opportunities to leverage limited resources for plan development and implementation. The body of this report provides background, a review of methods, key observations from a review of 74 plans, summary findings from Core Area Reports, and conclusions and recommendations.

The attachments to this report include: 1) detailed Core Area Reports on housing, economic development, transportation, and community health; 2) visualizations of the relationships among plans and agencies for the four Core Areas; 3) summaries of interagency workshops conducted on five cross-cutting issues; and 4) a list of 74 plans identified and summaries of 34 major planning documents; and 5) a glossary of terms.

Baseline Assessment Conclusions and Recommendations

Economic Development, Housing, Community Health, Transportation, Other Relevant Plans

Access regional plans at the UofO Access a wealth of regional plans, reports and documents including those linked in this toolkit (and many others) through the University of Oregon Library's Oregon Local & Regional Documents Archive (click here).